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Alex Mos. Founder RIZE Development.

Our web development offices are located in Romania’s tech hub, Cluj, with a core team from ex-Betfair technology staff, we know about complexity and scale.

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Complex API integrations | Game integration | Payment systems | Intuitive UI | Crypto payment integration | AML / KYC systems | Custom reporting

  • iGaming Operators
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  • Betfair
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  • APS Data
Notable Projects
  • Payment integrations
  • API Integrations
  • Game Integrations
  • B2B Healthcare
  • KYC system
  • Software Architecture
  • Java Programming
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Graphic & UI Design

“It’s been a pleasure working with Alex’s team. We had a very complex project,
which required large-scale implementation and it had to be 100% perfect.
The guys nailed it!”

Alex Mos

Co Founder

“We use rapid iteration methodology following a repeated two-week development cycle. This makes it easy for clients to adjust product development planning and always stay up to date on progress. It’s another way we help client communication.”

Case Studies



  • Liechtenstein algorithm
  • Proprietary data integrity algorithm
  • Algorithms
  • Data integrity
  • Near 100% accuracy

Real time data integrity for mission critical applications.

Harmonise naming conventions for sporting teams and events from multiple bookmakers.

“One of the most creative, efficient and effective solutions we’ve ever delivered”


Harmonise naming conventions across multiple sports betting data feeds with international coverage for financial settlements, news feeds and other mission-critical applications.


Every bookmaker has their preferred naming conventions for relevant information. For example, different bookmakers might describe the Manchester United football team as ‘Manchester United’, ‘Manchester UTD’, ‘Man U’, ‘MUFC’, ‘United’ or ‘The Red Devils’.

The data feeds cover sports events globally, along with 20 or more languages being translated into English, which leads to tens of thousands of data points being processed every minute.

With a disparity in naming conventions,it can lead to betting settlements being incorrect. For example, the wrong customers can be paid winnings.

For any organisation relying sports betting data, it has to have 100% data integrity.


We invented an algorithm to deliver near 100% data integrity combining:

  • Liechtenstein algorithms to match names and text.
  • Proprietary data integrity algorithm to ensure near 100% accuracy. Unfortunately we cannot disclose any more information it’s architecture.   

These algorithms are architected so they:

  • Can be used with any of the main programming languages i.e. Java, PHP, Ruby.
  • Maximally efficient for real time, large scale data processing.

The data integrity algorithm can process up to 11 live stream bookmaker feeds within 3/100th of a second, which means the aggregated data feed updates in near real-time, with 100% accuracy.

With such high speed and accuracy, this unified data feed is now used for multiple financial settlement systems, betting settlements and newsfeeds.



  • Dropwizard
  • Spring
  • Java 8
  • Game Integration
  • Live Streamed Casino
  • ‘Wrapper’ Solution

BetEast Online Casino Live Streaming Game Integration.

Integrating real-time live streamed casino table games into a custom iGaming operator platform.

“We integrated diverse technology infrastructures
to work quickly and reliably”


Our client wanted to expand their customer offering and add live stream casino table games onto an existing gambling operator platform.


Live stream game integration is far more complex than standard game integration, because of the live video feeds, bandwidth, latency issues and differing data architectures.

The gambling operator had an existing platform, which could not be substantially adapted to accommodate live streaming.


As software architect for this project we created a wrapper application that was easy to integrate with the casino.

This ‘wrapper’ solution involves creating a robust, quick framework which could reliably incorporate feeds from the live streaming casino provider. The casino operator easily integrated the compatible ‘wrapper’ within their own platform.


Casino operator could offer live streaming provider of choice.
Satisfying near real-time live streaming casino experience for BetEast’s players, leading to more profit for the business.
d for its scalability and reliability.





  • Dropwizard
  • Spring
  • Java 8
  • Payment System
  • Upgrade
  • Fast & Stable

Online Casino bet settlement and placement system.

Upgrade an existing financial transaction system to improve reliability and speed.

“100% reliable and rapid solution…delivered”


Upgrading existing casino betting and payment reconciliation system by building a new software framework that is compatible existing infrastructure.


The existing payment and settlement infrastructure had substantial technical debt and not optimally architected, so it was slow, expensive to maintain and prone to inaccuracy.

Example issue:

  • Player is playing a table game.
  • If the payment system does not keep up with gameplay ie player account balance does keep up with betting.
  • Player makes bet with what appears to be funds in their account
  • There are no funds so they can bet with no money
  • Or place a bet with after the result has been shown ie roulette ball goes to black , then player bets on black.

We used the fastest, most stable systems to connect the payment API, Game and player accounts to get 100% accuracy and near real-time payment reconciliation.

We also built the infrastructure so it’s compatible with existing systems.


Dropwizard framework: Main framework for system speed/performance
Spring: Framework to accelerate time to delivery.
Java 8: Programming language used for its scalability and reliability.


Extremely fast and reliable bet and placement system to prevent accidental operator money loss.



  • Spring MVC 4
  • Hibernate
  • MySQL
  • Structured Workflow
  • Exact Requirements Met
  • Easy to Admin

Highly customised content management system

Delivering a uniquely customised content management system around exact workflows.

“We delivered because of our combined knowledge of technology, workflows and business requirements”


Highly structured workflow and content management system for easy, error free front end site updates.


Delivering on rigid workflow criteria to make it easy for unskilled content administrators to add structured content to the publicly viewable website.

The CMS had to eliminate any formatting errors on displayed content and had to be secure from hackers.


We undertook a business requirements and workflow analysis to ensure that the clients requirements could be met effectively. This included understanding exactly how the editorial process worked, security requirements and skills of the content editors

We then onboarded the client requirements, structuring the content management system for most efficient workflow.


Spring MVC 4 (web application): A grouping of frameworks to accelerate time to delivery.
Hibernate: Integration framework between middle tier application and database to speed up development time
MySQL Database: Storage of content on the system application.


The content management system was easy to use on a daily basis by content administrators with little or no HTML skills. The output produced near-perfect formatting and is very secure.

APS Data


  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka
  • Mongo DB
  • API Aggregation
  • Real Time
  • Amazon AWS
  • Near Real Time

Business critical sports data API aggregation

Organising and harmonising multiple bookmaker API feeds for real time mission critical applications.

“One of the most challenging, satisfying and successful API projects we’ve ever done.”


Aggregating sports betting data from multiple bookmakers to create one unified API to be used for odds setting, results delivery and customer betting reconciliations.


Data from up to 11 bookmakers had to be aggregated into a single API feed and consumed by clients within 8/100th of a second.


Our team built a highly scalable and efficient infrastructure to accommodate a wide range of different API formats into one unified standardised API feed.

For user administration, we created a custom user interface using our core API, so alerts, editing and API performance monitoring could be managed in real time.

It is a 100% cloud based solution on Amazon Web Services. (AWS)

  • RabbitMQ: Sends data between different internal software applications
  • Kafka: 3rd party enabler for clients who want to integrate the data feeds
  • Mongo DB: Large scale data archiving
  • MSSQL: Realtime large scale data operations
  • Datadog: Error monitoring system
  • Styatus customized,
  • AWS Cloud Watch: Monitoring the whole system and processes
  • Elastic Beanstalk: Automated deployment process to enable rapid platform scaling on Amazon AWS

Apart from aggregating diverse apis from up to 11 bookmakers, we have made the client’s API management team self-sufficient so they do not need us for minor adaptations to the API.

This API development project subsequently became the foundation for a successful data reselling business, with clients using this API feed for business critical activities including odds setting, results delivery, bet reconciliation and statistics feeds for third-party web applications.

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