Simple guide to being satisfying.

By September 29, 2017Opinion, SEO

What do you want to achieve with rankings? Clue:

  • easier discoverability
  • better online reputation
  • qualified traffic

My view to achieving that:

  1. Know ‘who you are’.
  2. Start with online reputation and mix it in with link acquisition. In other words Digital PR

How? Start with this process I’ve outlined below….

What is the true identity of your business?

If you could only keep 15% of the pages on your site, what would they be?
In the 10 seconds/10 words can you explain who you are?
Once you’ve distilled your identity to its essence, then you start building up your website again.


Where are you most expert, trustworthy and authoritative?
Do you demonstrate that on your website?

Assuming you ‘know yourself’,

  • What knowledge can you share?
  • Does this imparting of knowledge give you credibility and build trust with your audience?
  • Ask good questions ie: What are users looking for that you can give them?┬áTry this ‘Google question engine‘.

Next steps:


  • The services you add the most value with
  • What people ‘categorise’ you as i.e. a tech business
  • What questions are people asking of you?

Then when you have these answers, it’s time to look at restructuring the content on your website so it becomes satisfying to users.
Once it’s satisfying, it gets engagement and then it will rank and bring you conversions.


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