Speaking at Nordic affiliate conference 25 April 2018

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I’ve been asked to join an SEO panel at the Nordic affiliate conference held on 25 April 2018

I have the honour of sharing panel with Fili Weise ( https://online.marketing/seo/  ) , a former Google engineer, great person and extremely knowledgeable SEO’er

The main thread is : Google has changed, what do you do to rank today?

My view:

Not much is changed in the last two years, but you go back 6 years, before Google really pushed forward with artificial intelligence and you will see a remarkable shift in the SEO ecosystem.

In the past , pre-artificial intelligence the ranking algorithm that determined what ranked where, was largely driven by large numbers of simple rules which were given various weightings.

By tweaking variables within the algorithms, they would then adjust rankings. The catch with this approach is that algorithms can never be 100% perfect. There is always going to be a loophole where you can game the system.

The largest whole was of course Google’s page rank algorithm, which relies on the idea that links are votes. The better the links, the better the ‘vote’ and the more important website is.

Catch; you can buy links (votes) , so what’s changed? Artificial intelligence and the exponential increase in complexity behind the ranking algorithms.

Today Penguin, which is an algorithm for detecting valueless links is extremely efficient.
Google now have rank brain, which understands the meaning of content. In other words the ‘Paris Hilton’ problem has been solved

(Paris Hilton: is it the hotel or the celebrity?)

How do you rank?

Instead of trying to find that loophole that will rank you, you are better off aligning your mission with Google’s mission.

What’s the mission? The best most relevant content for users.

Remember, Google needs you too. It needs content their users want. If Google ranks websites which users don’t want, users will go to another search engine.

When you become the site Google wants, you will rank.

And there it is.


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