At Last. ‘Pay On Placement’ iGaming Press Release Distribution. See below.

Press Releases

Broadcast your news.

  • Quality has to be good
  • Journalists trust RIZE
  • Press releases still work
  • ‘On point’ messaging
  • Accountability
  • Pay per placement

The RIZE team are deeply entrenched in the iGaming industry. The content team headed up by Matt Harris are superb writers and as a result, we’ve got a remarkably strong industry press ‘contact book’ with online media influencers.

What is it mean for you? We have a very high hit rate on iGaming press release placements.

We have a ‘pay per placement’ model. It means you pay a deposit to get your press release written and then you pay for each placement.

1st press release is free to you. If we are confident the iGaming press would be interested in your news… And we all want to work together, then were happy to run the first press release and distribute it to 3 selected iGaming publications for free. Interested? Email us on


Everything begins with highlighting what’s engaging about your message, then delivering clear messages  across targeted online publications and ends up with warming up the right influencers for your business.


The typical press release process:

Gathering information
We want to know what’s special about your news. Is it ‘news’? Or is there some other angle we can take that makes your announcement engaging?

What is the:
– message you want to convey?
– brand narrative and is this press release coherent with that?
– ‘hook’ for the press release? I.e. what one thing will I remember from reading this release?

Once we’ve got a clear idea of how were going to convey a message, we
– gather quotes from relevant people in your organisation
– suitable imagery
– where people can go for more information i.e. a link to somewhere

Targeted placements
We do targeted outreach to relevant iGaming publications and if we secure the target placement, you pay for the placement. This simple process means you get accountability and everyone is rewarded for success.

Depending on your brand and the message from your press release, it will determine where we suggest you target placements.

Writing the press release
Once we have got all the necessary information, the magic begins and one of our content team will pull the press release together.

Approval from you
Once the press release is written, we send it to you for approval.
You sign it off, or ask us to make changes.
We agree on the final version of the press release and is ready for targeted placement.

Trust and quality
A quick aside on trust and quality. The number one issue iGaming press journalists have about press releases is the quality of the content, along with the amount of time takes to sub- edit poorly put together content.

Since the content team is made up of real journalists, working on real news websites, they know first hand how important it is to produce press releases which their fellow journalists can trust. Making a journalists life easier is a priority for us, which is why we are so particular about the quality of our press releases.

In turn, journalists from the iGaming press are happy to receive our content, because they know they don’t have to work on it and they can trust their readership will want to see your message.

We run an outreach campaign to all the targeted iGaming press and as we mentioned before, you only pay if we secure your press release placement.

We can supplement your PR campaign by using services like to broadcast distribute your press release.

If your story gets picked up by other publications not on our target list, then well done! You get extra free PR because we all did a good job.


Press releases are still an important part of the marketing mix and with us you have an accountable, straightforward, cost-effective way of getting your message to the iGaming industry.

Press Releases

Broadcast your news.

  • Topical
  • Variety
  • Insight
  • Easy media pickup
  • Effective
  • Shared

Have you got an iGaming event? We’ve got connections with all the main iGaming press to help you promote yourselves.

Press Releases

Broadcast your news.

  • Make unique
  • ‘Work’ the news
  • Simple narrative
  • Wide pickup
  • Awareness
  • Links

Promoting a casino or games? Were well connected in this area.

Press Releases

Broadcast your news.

  • Editors trust RIZE
  • There is always a story
  • Pitch editors directly
  • Engaging
  • Broad interest
  • Awareness

If it’s iGaming, we’ve got experience and reach.

PR campaign you want to price up? Email us on