Written by Nick Garner
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  • Quality has to be good
  • Journalists trust RIZE
  • Press releases still work
  • ‘On pont’ messaging
  • Accountability
  • Pay per placement

Online reputation, tell your story,  your way.

If somebody trustworthy says your good, others will believe and you will convert better.

If you don’t believe us, do a search for [your brand] and ‘reviews’ [your brand]

Ask yourself… If you are a prospective customer would you buy from this brand? If the feedback is neutral, are you happy with that?  If the feedback on your brand is negative, is this acceptable to you?

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Warm up your prospects with online reputation

Every marketeer knows new acquisition success is a combination of
– volume of traffic
– relevance of that traffic to you
– conversion rate of that traffic

Online reputation affects traffic volume, relevance, conversion rates because prospects will check you out and if you ‘check out’ well, you’re more likely to get that conversion. As a result, we see online reputation consistently working with enlightened brands.


When online reputation is managed correctly, it seems natural and effortless. Consumers read the reviews and the articles about you, forming a positive opinion about your brand, service or product.

We accept it’s hard to quantify the value of online reputation, which is why we always say it’s better to think of this as a supporting activity to traffic acquisition and improved conversion rates.