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Offsite SEO (Links)

We have executed numerous large-scale iGaming link acquisition campaigns over the years.

We’ve done especially well with sports sites, because the quality of our content is very high. As a result of our engaging content, we get excellent link placements on editorial merit. In turn this means we place links on sites Google trust and therefore they pass page rank. We explain more below.

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How we approach offsite SEO (link acquisition)

Everything begins with getting relevant placements on sites which Google trusts and ends when Google trusts your website and you no longer need links.


Penguin and page rank… A link was always meant to be an editorial vote. The more ‘votes’ a page got, the more important it becomes and therefore the higher it should be ranked. However, links got hijacked and Google had to came up with ways of discriminating between links which are most likely an ‘editorial vote’.

Now, page rank is only passed on very few links. The question is; which links?

Different Webmasters have their opinions on what constitutes a good link, but for our part it’s very simple…

Any link metric used by third parties to judge the strength of a link is just a third party estimation of how Google might value a link.

There is one fatal flaw here… Third party metrics are not Google’s metrics.

Our hypothesis: if Google ranks a website, it trusts the site and therefore it trusts the links from that site. So, our core metric is whether a site ranks and then we look at internal page rank, which can be evaluated by any number of tools, to determine the importance of a link.

It’s easy to think that a ‘junk’ website can rank only with links, but that’s not true any more. Links will get you up there, but engagement keeps you ranked.

By engagement, were talking about click through rates from search results. This is now been comprehensively validated here and here

The good news: Once you get ranked and you get the engagement, you can ease off link acquisition because Google will build trust in your website because of the engagement data you are now accruing.

With any client, first question we ask is ‘what’s engaging about your site?’ And from there we:

  • work out what content we can place which gets us on ranking sites
  • what’s engaging about you so you get the click through rates

The ’cause and effect’ of links is very loose, so we start with what’s engaging about your brand, then stick with solid hypotheses on why certain links work and we go from there.

Like the sound of this? We offer a one-hour free consultation, so email us on help@rize.digital for a fast reply and let’s start the conversation.