Written by Nick Garner
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Technical Onsite SEO

Members of the team have worked with several large online brands over the years, sorting out issues from page speed, through to crawl budgeting.

Because of our vast experience with technical SEO, were able to look at the whole picture, accounting for ‘real-world’ issues to come up with solutions that actually help your rankings.

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How we approach technical on site SEO

Everything begins with Google making sense of your site and ends with Google prioritising your website in rankings.


For a typical audit, we will always start with finding out what:

  • technical constraints within your website
  • the resources you’ve got to make changes
  • the impact of any changes across other parts of the site
  • the technical debt you’ve got

We often find brands are very aware of many of the on-site optimisation issues affecting them. For these brands, the question becomes more about improving on-site optimisation as much as possible whilst accounting for the existing technical constraint.

We typically work with a 300 point checklist, which standardises our auditing process and means we catch every issue. Example checklist here.


Technical SEO is more than running through a checklist, it understanding existing constraints and coming up with the best solutions. If this resonates with you, contact us.

If you want to have a free one-hour consultation, just give us an outline of the site issue you have got, the domain and any other relevant information, then email us on help@rize.digital for a fast reply.