Written by Nick Garner
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  • Plan around engagement
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  • Cost-effective rankings

Planning for rankings

We all know any SEO campaign can get expensive and rankings get more ‘sketchy’ when you factor in penalties and changing algorithms. This is why we prioritise planning for all campaigns.

As part of our engagement with you, we always factor in campaign and strategy planning. If you hire us for a large block of work, all of this comes included for free.

If you want to test us with a small project, of course we will plan this out properly.

Read on for more.


Planning, strategy and rankings…

Everything begins with knowing where you want to go, what your assets are and how you’re going to put everything together and ends with great results.


If you do any big project, it all begins with knowing where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

When we plan out SEO campaigns, we use ‘agile’ methodology as much as possible. Our version of agile project planning says that:
– we define the end goal i.e. ranking on certain phrases
– evaluate all of the project assets and resources
– define the core strategy i.e. user engagement around phrases you want to rank for
– set up ‘sprints’ within the project i.e. segments of work
– constantly re-evaluate short-term objectives in order to achieve the agreed long-term goals.

A typical client planning cycle might look like this…

Outline brief
Different brands want different things, so we define what you really want from us.

We then sense check the ambitions behind the brief, to make sure they fit in line with the resources and assets at hand.

Once we have defined the brief properly, we go into a discovery phase, where we analyse:
– competitiveness for keywords you want to rank on
– characteristics of content that has sustained rankings
– the capabilities of your website
– how we would potentially work together

If it’s link acquisition, we will do some analysis on your links, looking at the quality of those links and evaluating which links are passing page rank to you. From there, we match up the competitiveness of the key phrases you want to rank on and come up with an outline link acquisition plan..


Once we’ve scoped out the situation and we begin to work with each other properly, we then start putting together much tighter project plans which account for:
– who can do what
– what organisational constraints there are
– how long things take to get done i.e. website changes
– matching up our workflow with yours
– defining objectives
– lining up tasks

We typically use Gantt charts for the overall planning and then Trello for task assignment.


When we get the planning right, everyone is happy and results follow.

Want to talk about planning your next SEO campaign? We offer a free one-hour consultation, where you can have a conversation with us about planning out your next SEO campaign. So email us on help@rize.digital and let’s set up a call or do an email thread.